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Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes - These Are My Booblets.

This is just the most perfect term to date - booblets. PJ used this term this weekend, 'look at your little booblets!'. Perfect, that is exactly what they are. 1/2 done. We'll see how long it will take me to go the rest of the way fill wise. I'm thinking six weeks if we do 50 cc's each time. Wow. That would be quite the 4th of July celebration, no? I'm having visions of the Fembots from the Austin Powers movie. Awesome.

So, the weekend was good. Nice to be home w/ the family and not have to do or be anywhere. I of course, can't sit still for long, so I found myself running errands on Sat then got to spend some time w/ my nieces from Flagstaff. They were lovely enough to wash my cars for me - what a blessing. We had a nice time.

I also got to spend 2 uninterrupted hours at a coffee shop with my Daddy. Had the best time. It's funny, he always opens with 'what's up?' and I'll explain to him that nothing is really UP I just wanted to hang with him. Then he starts talking and talking and it is such a joy to listen to him, spend time with him. He and I are very much alike - we don't like sitting still for too long. So it's difficult to pin him down like this - so when I do, it is such a blessing.

I found myself having a revelation of sorts while we were talking. I've spoken before about how I'll be in a great mood then sometimes get sucked in by others 'concern' for me. Well, I took it a step further and realized, for myself that is, that life just goes on - whether my cancer has reappeared or not, and I'm not going to sit here and wait around to see if the medication works before I start living my life again - that just doesn't make sense. First of all, I know, in the bottom of my soul, this is working. But that is beside the fact - my point is I guess, is I'm not going to waste my time waiting for anything - I decide how to spend my time, I decide what I am going to experience and how I am going to experience it, therefore, I'm not going to let this or anything about it define me any longer. I feel like the first part of my cancer journey was really that, living from one test to the next - now, because of this recent re occurrence, I think I finally get it - I'm living to live now. I don't know what lies ahead, nobody does, but I can pray, and trust in Him, and continue being the person I love to be. The person I was born to be, the person I was created to be. That is way more fun than sitting around in some doomy gloomy mood WAITING for something to happen. I can go out and make things happen. I decide. Pretty cool, eh? I thought so anyway.

Had my Stephen Ministry class today and I'm am just getting so excited to be this person for someone going through something difficult. I'm so honored to be a part of this awesome ministry and can't wait to get out there and help others. Just found out they will make us official (my whole class) on Sunday June 6th - what an honor. Yipee!!!

Well, believe it or not, I haven't eater dinner yet and I need to take my chemo pills - so I best get on this now. Here are some pics of the booblets - enjoy, and God Bless.


  1. Booblets! Oh Yeah baby! Love ya, Martha

  2. Hotty Patotty! They look GREAT! Congrats, dude. Are you going to get all Pam Anderson on us? Sweet! So stoked for you! xoxo Sam

  3. All you had to do was cut out the tumor and eat the Phase One diet from knowthecause.com. You went way to far!!! Breast cancer is the east cancer to cure!! See why ignorance is not bliss! Now you have a 65% chance of getting new cancer not just a chance of it coming back. I can't stand those who hate the truth and rather be ignorant. I'm sorry but don't be proud of yourself. You did this to yourself. God spared you from yourself this time. Do you really think He will spare you the next time you try to kill yourself from your absurd behavior?